Erosion & Flood Control
Time is of the essence when constructing barriers to stop flood water. Sandbags take time to fill and can be washed away. Concertainer takes a fraction of the time to pull out and fill leaving a robust and stable barrier which can be left as a permanent feature or emptied and re-used.

Concertainer can tip the balance between minimal flood damage or a costly clean up operation and massive insurance claims leading to increased insurance premiums.

20 minutes to build a wall!
To build a wall 3 feet high by 3 feet wide by 30 feet long:
- 10 men filling 1400 sand bags = 6.5 Hours
- 2 men using Concertainer = 20 Minutes

Advantages of the Concertainer System
  • Rapidly Erected
  • Cost Effective
  • Re-Useable
  • Inherently Strong
  • High Quality Components
  • Long Life In-Situ
  • Fully Collapsible for Transportation & Storage

*Approved by Army Corps of Engineers