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Sentinel Building Systems

Sentinel Creed:
To provide a "Golden Rule", affordable all steel building for light industrial, commercial, retail, town-n-country and on the farm buildings with the finest customer service department in the industry.

A "Golden Rule" building is manufactured in the way that it ought to be manufactured. Always putting the customer first in sales, in purchasing, in fabrication and in quality control. With customer service the way it ought to be, Sentinel's service creed is excelling even after the sale!!

Pre-engineered buildings offer several advantages: low cost, fast construction time and versatile exterior appearances. Sentinel offers several designs to meet your needs.

Sentinel Frame Types

  • Sentinel Standard Frame - Tapered/Straight Column Rigid Frame
    WIDTHS TO 150'; Eave heights to 30'; Standard roof slope 2:12 (optional 1:12, 3:12, 4:12); Standard snow loads to 70PSF. Higher snow loads available. Standard by spacing of 20', 25', and 30'. Standard wind loads to 120 MPH. Higher wind loads available. Larger widths and taller eave heights are available.

  • Sentinel Classic Frame - Straight Column/Slope Beam
    Widths to 60'; Eave heights 10' to 20'; Roof slope 1:12 only. Flush girts forsmooth interior finish. Roof and windloads to meet your specifications.

  • Sentinel Single Slope - Straight or Tapered Columns and Rafters
    Widths to 150'; Eave heights 10' to 28'; Roof slopes :12 to 2:12. Can meet a wide range of mountain snow loads and coastal wind loads.

  • Sentinel Modular Frame - Straight or Tapered Columns
    Widths 30' to 500'; Eave heights to 30'; Roof slopes :12 to 4:12. Can design wind and snow load to meet your specifications.

  • Sentinel Lean-To Frame - Straight or Tapered Columns and Rafters
    (High Side Columns May be Required) Widths to 60'; Eave heights to match main building to 29'; Roof slopes to 4:12. Fully enclosed or open to weather.